47. A Fantasy Book

This is probably my favourite genre. And certainly if the novel is aimed at a teen audience I am bound to like it. Such is the case with Maria V Snyder’s novels.


This is a recent addition to her Study series, and while I had forgotten a lot that had happened I still loved this book.

YA Fantasy is my favourite because things usually work out alright in the end, even if it does take the mandatory three books to get there. There’s always a great love plot and a strong female lead.

This novel revisits some of my favourite characters, Yelena and Valek, and has them going on the same old adventures. I like the witty sidekicks and the intrigue but was disappointed by the loose tie ending. Snyder had said she only wrote this book because fans pestered her so much to do another story about the pair, but she has totally left it open for another in the series and if she doesn’t write it I will be totally devastated.

Honestly, go back to Poison Study and read them all (I probably will) you won’t regret it one bit.
Coming up on my next blog: I think I’ll have to admit defeat in the Read Harder challenge.