Girl’s Gotta Do

I’ve decided that I’m already sick of the whole cooking thing.
And the sad thing is I’ve only been cooking for myself for one fifth of my life (it’s not a lot really, only five years, a fifth might seem like a whole lot more if I was like 125 years old but I’m not).
The problem really lies in my inability to adapt to change. Whenever anything upsets the regular routine of grocery shopping and meal planning I just can’t be bothered anymore.
Last week I couldn’t cook because we didn’t have any power.
This week, and for the next two weeks, I’m not cooking because I would only be cooking for one, and there’s no point in that.
And then it will be Christmas and holidays and I definitely won’t want to cook.

It’s the same with any part of life that should or have to do that you don’t really want to.
Like exercise.
Or cleaning.

I guess I just need something to inspire me to want to cook again.
Like these.


Coming up on my next blog: I’m seriously thinking about giving up on The Mortal Instruments

Competition Frenzy

It’s getting to be like when I had Candy Crush.

Last night I spent an hour entering online competitions. After the first week of my starting is whole competition thing I was actually feeling quite down because I had entered so many things but not heard back from any of them. I was thinking of throwing in the towel, that I was wasting my time getting my hopes up about these things.

And then last week I won a gift pack from whimsy milieu. So I got excited and reenergised about the whole thing and so I went on a competition entry binge.

But now it’s keeping me up at night. When I should be sleeping.
I only enter for things I actually want too. And because I don’t have Facebook that limits a lot of the things I can enter as well. Now that I think about it, I can’t be that addicted if I haven’t created a Facebook page again. So maybe I’m not so bad after all.

What I need is instant gratification. Like from a scratchie.

As I write this I feel like I am sounding more and more like a problem gambler.
Maybe I will need to stop.

Coming up on my next blog: A picture of something nice.

People. They’re better than I thought

So after everything that I and my community has been through in the past ten days we were asked this morning to think about what we are grateful for.
Just to take thirty seconds to think to ourselves what had really stood out to us in the tumult and testing times we had experienced.
And it’s funny, because my first thought was people.

Normally, (and you can probably tell from many of the rants I have had, including yesterday’s) I am not always a great fan of people.
They can be bossy and demeaning and annoying and generally I feel most of them just get in the way.

I am sure I have already lamented the way that society is becoming more self centred and self involved and nobody has any manners any more. And if I haven’t I should have (even that small paragraph is filled with too many ‘I’s’ for my liking).

But sometimes people can be good. And they can do good things.
And the best thing people can do is be there willing to offer support.

So that’s what I’m grateful for.


And my cat.


Coming up on my next blog: It’s competition time!

Can I Help You?

Today I had a semi-fruitful shopping experience.
I went to look for this jacket.

And I found one in white in my size in the Bardot Jnr store. But they didn’t have any black ones so I couldn’t buy it.I was going to come home and buy it online but now I am not sure if I want it or not.

I enjoy shopping in stores because of the experience. I want to be able to try things on and talk to sales staff.

I also went into Myer today and found a cute little dress for fifteen dollars. But I couldn’t find anyone to sell it to me. And because I had to wander around for such a long time to find a cash register that was actually open I eventually talked myself out of it. Their loss.

This is why I get annoyed when businesses bemoan their plight because of the rise of online shopping (I’m looking at you Gerry Harvey). If someone in store had been able to help me I would have bought things there. But they weren’t. So I didn’t.

But buying online is not the same.
Maybe this is a good way to start curbing my spending habits.

Coming up on my next blog: Back to work.

Sunshine and Lollipops

Today I attended a first birthday party.
It was at a lovely park and I made a few friends who are under the age of two.
I was hoping for pass the parcel, but I was sadly disappointed. What I had thought was the parcel for that game turned out to be a badly wrapped present for the birthday girl (and by badly wrapped, I mean in was wrapped in newspaper). I wish I had taken a picture of the gift I chose before I gave it. I found the most adorable lift the flap book in Japanese, and even though I didn’t know exactly what the words said the gist was pretty clear.

There were two things I enjoyed most today.
The first was fairy bread, that perennial party favourite.
I don’t k ow why I don’t eat it all the time. I think it’s because it has to be a single slice of bread, it can’t be a sandwich, and so that makes it hard to transport to work for lunch. But it’s just so tasty. All you need is super fresh bread.
The other thing I enjoyed, that I had forgotten that I liked, was bubbles. Someone had brought along a few bubble blowing kits for the kids to play with. And because it was so windy you really didn’t have to do anything except hold the wand up in the air.

I also got mail for the first time in nine days – on a Saturday! And one of the things was my prize from Whimsy Milieu.

It was all just so cute I don’t even want to open the packaging!
She even took the time to put stickers on the Australia Post bag!

The cat was not included.

Coming up on my next blog: I need a Japan fix so I’m heading to Daiso, and I’m going to buy some hundreds and thousands.

Stay Where You Are and then Read ( Friday Book Club)

It has been two weeks since I posted about books and in that time I have read five books. Personally, I thought my reading rate would have been better than that, especially with a week off work, but sickness and stress have kind of deterred me from reading this week.

In the end I read:
The Wave by Morton Rhue
Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy
Stay Where You Are and then Leave by John Boyne
Deadly Heat by Richard Castle
Divergent by Veronica Roth

The first two are pretty old, though may be called modern classics, rather than classics. I read The Wave in a flash because it has a fascinating premise and is really really skinny. Despite its age it hasn’t really dated, stories about students and schools seem to have a timeless vibe about them because everyone can relate to the experiences being expressed ( well, except maybe the fascism experiment at the core of this school experience). And I actually read The Wave in the middle of reading Maestro. I found that novel quite hard to get into because it felt further removed from my own experience – I am not a boy born to migrants living in Darwin. I don’t know if it’s Goldsworthy’s style, or because the main character was a boy, but some of the description was quite full on and not really to my taste. That being said, I did persevere and it is a good, if somewhat sad story.

During the maelstrom I was reading this new John Boyne novel. I enjoy his work for children much more than what he writes for adults because he writes so simply, and while that can be used to great effect in the former it is clumsy and unforgivable in the latter. I also like his books that are more realistic and less fantastical. He has a way of showing the extraordinary or horrific in such mundane ways that render them perfectly. This one is a good companion (though not prequel or sequel) to The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Then onto my guilty pleasure. In case you didn’t know, Richard Castle is the main character in one of my favourite TV shows, Castle. The basic premise is he is a writer tagging along with a New York homicide detective to get inspiration. In the show he refers to the novels he is writing and someone has actually written them. And I love them.

I also finally picked up Divergent to read. And it’s as awesome as everybody says it is. I have Insurgent waiting for me on the shelf, and as soon as I can I will be buying Allegiant. What I don’t get though is why all these YA fictions have to be turned into films. Well I do get it, people want to make money, but the authors thought of them as novels, not movies, and now I’ve pictured it one way I don’t want to see how anyone else pictures it.

Coming up on my next blog: A day in the park.

You’ve Got Mail

Nobody seems to send letters anymore.

Late last year and early this year I had struck up a penpalship with my cousins son, but that has since fallen by the wayside. Apparently I am not as exciting as a trip to disneyland or the friends he has school that are his own age. Go figure.

I have this vague recollection that when I was younger I had a penpal too. Right now my brain is telling me it was my great grandmother, but I am not sure.
I feel like I used to write regularly.

And in high school my friends and I used to write pages and pages of notes to each other even though we had spent all day together. But that is not quite the same because those didn’t arrive in the letter box, and instead were passed hand to hand.

Now it’s all emails and instant messaging.
Which is useful I suppose for communication and keeping in touch, but there is something fun and magical about going to the letter box and finding a piece of mail in there just for you. And not a bill, mind you, nothing electronically addressed in a business envelope. But something hand written, preferably in a coloured square envelope.

I reminisce today because this is the sixth day I have been without mail (not including the weekend). It would not be unusual for me to have no personal mail for this long, but I haven’t had any bills either and the book depository parcel I am waiting on is still yet to arrive too.
I would be worried if it weren’t for the extenuating circumstances. I went into the post office today and they said the post wasn’t going to resume until Monday.

It makes me worry for those who don’t have letter boxes though. How will they receive their mail once it resumes again? You can’t forward it anywhere if don’t have a fixed address to forward it to. Could you just pick it up from the post office? Though how would you know which one to go to? There are so many little things you don’t even think of when things like this happen. I hope they all get letter boxes soon.

Coming up on my next blog: Back to books.

Take my advice – Don’t let your sister be your nurse

Even if she is trained to be one.

I have always thought that if I was really sick I wouldn’t want her looking after me. I mean, I am sure she is lovely to her patients, but I think her patience might be limited if she had to look after me.
I imagine she would relish ripping off bandaids and giving me needles.
Plus, I really wouldn’t want someone I know looking after me either. If I am embarrassingly sick I don’t want those people to ever see me again.

Over the last couple of days I have not been feeling crash hot.
The smoke and stress of the last few days have affected us all.

So I spent a few days in bed.
And everything was as ok as it could be.
Until my sister turned up, and in the space of ten minutes she managed to cover me first in water so it looked like I wet myself, and then secondly, covered my blanket in makeup.

But all that being said, she is actually a very good nurse.
And she is looking after me today with free wifi and trashy TV.


Coming up on my next blog: I’ve forgotten what day it is.