Triple Barrelled (Friday Book Club on a Saturday)

Last week I read a blog about books you can suggest to kids who don’t read. There were two on there that really caught my eye, and that the library had on the shelf.


I have been meaning to read Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game for a while now. Ever since they said it was going to be a movie and all the controversy began. Then someone was reading it at work so I thought I better to as well.
It is an odd story. It takes an incredibly long time to build to the climax and I am not sure it’s plot and setting, and even characters really fit with the message Scott Card is trying to send. Unless maybe I’ve missed the whole point. What I don’t really see is how it could possibly be made into a movie. Apart from the fact it is fairly repetitive, the main character, Ender, starts the novel at six years old and ends at like twelve. No kid actor is going to be able to portray (or cope with) Ender’s physical and psychological torment. It’s incredibly unrealistic, but I guess that’s what you get from sci fi.

I read Ruby Holler because I love Sharon Creech. She wrote two of my favourite verse novels Love That Dog and Hate That Cat, not that I agree with the sentiments of that second one. Her style is incredibly accessible, and she often writes from the perspective of a child (I know that’s what most children’s authors do) but in an authentic and still sophisticated way. This novel had quite an abrupt ending though. If I was a non reader and got to this ending I’d be a bit disappointed. As it was, and as I am, I quite enjoyed it.

I also got round to reading Howl’s Moving Castle which I bought in Japan.

It is my favourite Miyazaki film.

But I didn’t know it was based on a novel by Diana Wynne Jones. Nor did I know there were two other books with Howl and Sophie in them which I will now have to find and read.
It was very different from the film, but I don’t feel I lost anything by reading it second.

Coming up on my next blog: The countdown begins.


Life, oh life

Watch this.
nineties philosophy

Life got in the way of my blog tonight.
I think that’s a good thing.
Gives me a chance to finish one more book.

Coming up on my next blog: We’ll pretend it’s Friday for my book reviews. Somewhere in the world it probably is.

Mission Accomplished

I don’t know if you want to hear this, but I have finished my Christmas shopping. Before December.
It may not be that big a deal for some of you, especially if you don’t celebrate this particular holiday, but this year it is a big deal for me.
I have not really been feeling Christmas this year.
Those of you who know me will know that is a big deal.
All the upheaval of the past few weeks has just evaporated my Christmas spirit. I feel tired, not excited. Worn out, not warming up.
I am hoping that by the time I put up the tree, and the week before Christmas, I will feel some of that cheer.

But all the shopping is done. So that is a start.

Coming up on my next blog: just a few more books before I hit one hundred.

The Law of Attraction

I have been trying to remember this concept for about three weeks. I heard it at work, but I did think it was a single word to encompass this whole idea. Apparently it’s not.

In a nutshell, the law of attraction occurs when you hear about something for the first time and then keep hearing and seeing it everywhere. It’s a bit clearer than that, but my head is too muddled to explain it properly, mostly because I am typing this on my lap and it keeps rocking.

This happened to someone with the tv show Adventure Time. When they had heard about it they kept seeing it everywhere.

And that’s alright because it’s an awesome show and you would want to keep seeing it. It is so funny I laugh every time I watch. I saw a new one on tv last week where the Ice King had written a fan fiction turning Finn into Fiona and Jake into a cat. I could not stop laughing.

You should watch too.
And then start seeing it everywhere.
You can thank me later.

Coming up on my next blog: Treehouse rules.

Dodgy Dolphins

Well, the Romans were right.
Dolphins are evil.
And you know how I know?
Because Killer Whales are actually from the dolphin family and should technically be called Whale Killers.


I learnt this on QI.
They tire a mother whale and her baby out by chasing them relentlessly, then when the mother is too tired to defend them anymore the Killer Whales eat the baby.
And if they can’t get a seal off an iceberg, a few of them swim up to and then underneath it to create a wave that will sweep the seal into the sea.

They are totally evil.

Free Willy is the worst movie of all time.

Coming up on my next blog: I try to remember to dress for the weather.

Eat Your Heart Out

It’s been a good eating weekend.
Weekends are good because I usually have breakfast somewhere other than my own home. Which means breakfast is not two slices of toast with some sort of spread (Nutella, peanut butter, vegemite and honey are on the regular rotation). This weekend it was breakfast two days in a row at one of my favourite places to have breakfast Kingston and Co. It’s a great little cafe with a good vibe and the cutest waiter ever. He is so adorable I just want to squeeze his cheeks every time I see him. I hope he has a girlfriend because he totally deserves one. Yesterday I had Victoria Sponge and a small hot chocolate. I’m sure I’ve raved about their hot chocolates before because they are totally amazing. The cake was pretty good too, maybe a bit rich for breakfast, but not enough to make me back down from my

of course cake is a breakfast food

Today though, oh today, I had the most amazing tartlets. I saw them yesterday and thought to myself

that’s totally what I am having for breakfast on Sunday

So I did.

One was lemon meringue pie, one was white chocolate and strawberry mousse and the third was chocolate. The chocolate one surprised me most. It was not too rich and totally amazing. After scoffing this lot I totally could have eaten another three, but I know when to say enough is enough. Enough to say I will be eating these every time I go there now.

Last night also proved to be a culinary spectacular.
I went with a few friends to El loco in Surry Hills. I knew it was going to be a good night when my husband completed a Houdini-esque reverse park just around the corner from the venue. Basically El loco is tequila based drinks and five dollar tacos. And all of it is mind blowing.


Now you can see why I only wrote a four word post last night.

You might be a bit confused about how this is all related to food. But by the time we ordered our meal it was too dark to take a photo of it. Plus there wasn’t any room on the table. I can only say that the lamb taco and chicken taco were delicious and just cemented my belief that Mexican food is the best ever.

Coming up on my next blog: Four more weeks until holidays!

In love with Young Adult Fiction (Friday Book Club)

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I kept reading Allegiant. That series is almost perfect, even though it is a bit sad and, I guess, true to life.
And why I like it ties in with an article I read online this week. Kelly Jensen wrote on Book Riot about The Girl Myth in Young Adult Fiction and Beyond.. It goes back to that idea of being true to life. Young Adult fiction makes me sad when it is realistic because I’d rather believe in the myth.
In the end it’s all about escapism

20131122-101653.jpg and I know when I can’t escape I end up not liking the book.
But Allegiant turns this on its head. Tris grows and learns and overcomes, but as in real life, things don’t always turn out how she (or I) want them to.

I also read two other books, both with female protagonists.
The first was one I had been planning on reading for a while, but had just never really been in the mood for.

It’s a murder/abduction mystery told mostly through email. And it was brilliant.
I had it figured out just over half way through.

But it’s so well written I did doubt myself a bit.

Again, I was a little disappointed in the ending, mostly because it seemed so abrupt to me. But again, life is like that too.

I also read the next in Amanda Hocking’s siren series.

It’s just a fun read, not too taxing or serious, easy to get into and finish. I will be reading the other two as well because I do want to know what happens, but I don’t know if I will read her other series because I am not all that into fairies and changelings. It’s good though because with these kinds of books I can then donate them to the library where I work and they don’t clog my shelves at home. I only keep books that are awesome or classic.

Coming up on my next blog: I think I have to start thinking about Christmas.

Poet of Woe

How does one become a poet?
I’ve just been thinking about it lately, and have come to the conclusion that all artists must be a little crazy and perhaps masochistic. For isn’t all art a result of suffering?
And if you haven’t suffered, or at least experienced life a bit, you can’t really write or create anything worthwhile.


I guess one thing you have to be though is serious.
So writing about zombies may not get me into the club.

Coming up on my next blog: I review someone who can really write.