Seasons Greetings

Dear Krispy Kreme,

I love your doughnuts. My favourite ones are the original glazed. I can usually eat two before I start feeling sick. Sometimes I think I can eat three but when I do I know I’ve gone too far. I’ve accepted that two Krispy Kreme doughnuts in one sitting is my limit.

While plain is my favourite I do enjoy the whole range of doughnuts you offer.


What I especially like are your seasonal doughnuts. I look forward to all the major holidays knowing there will be a related doughnut awaiting me in your store. One year you did the best hot cross bun doughnut I have ever eaten in my whole life. That was the year you also had stores set up at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and so two of my favourite things were combined. I thought life couldn’t get any better.

I’ve enjoyed your Valentine’s day doughnuts

And was quite taken with your Halloween and Christmas offerings this year.


When entering your store today (to purchase doughnuts for this happy night, what better way to celebrate than a Krispy Kreme feats) I was amazed at the ingeniousness of the Australia Day square lamington with jam and cream doughnut

But feel you have missed a seasonal doughnut opportunity.

Both my mum and I feel there is the potential for a New Years doughnut range. Inspired by fireworks and topped with popping candy. Or perhaps some kind of clock face or stop watch suggesting a countdown?

Keep up the good work Krispy Kreme.
You are my favourite doughnut.

Coming up on my next blog: Ikea and new year just go perfectly together.

Hobbit to it

I’m sad that Peter Jackson has no more Tolkien films to make. Unless of course he starts on the Silmarillion.


Though I feel I should not have been laughing as much as I was during The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. But there was just so much that was so amusing. I don’t know where to start.

I think Legolas is the best part. And it is hard to choose just what part. His presence just makes the whole thing better. I like the flying on the bat. And the running up the falling tower rocks. It just ties so nicely with the shield slide in the Two Towers.

This movie is also made especially interesting with the inclusion of the Necromancer’s tower, and therefore also Saruman, Elrond and Galadriel. That whole sequence is just so well done. I always liked Galadriel and it shows just how great and perilous she is.

Though my favourite things in The Hobbit movies has been Radagast. I think he is my favourite wizard. I feel like he had a much bigger role in the whole Middle Earth universe but I can’t quite remember. It’s like I can’t remember how many wizards there are too. I feel there is a blue one and two brown ones as well as the grey and the white, but I can’t quite recall for sure.

The thing is though that The Hobbit could be two movies, not three. Lots of things in movie one could have been shortened so that the dwarves could have got to Lake Town by the end of that film. And then Smaug could have been awakened and vanquished at the beginning of the second with the battle to follow. I don’t really recall anything from the second movie being all that important and I don’t like the spider intro. Totally unnecessary.

What I also like about this last instalment is the song during the credits. I like that it is sung by Pippin, and think it is a fitting end to Jackson’s association with the world. And I guess ours too.

Coming up on my next blog: Resolutions. Maybe.


Now I like food as much as the next person – case in point, I haven’t cooked a meal since before Christmas – but I don’t like it when I am the meal.
This summer I fear I am tastier to bugs than ever before.
And that’s saying a lot because I am usually a bug smorgasbord anyway. But his year I feel like I am one of those buffets on a cruise ship that’s open like twenty-four hours a day.

This is my right hand.
I got this bite sitting watching the cricket today. Inside. (I realise this may say something about the cleanliness of my house, but believe me it is clean, it’s just stealth bugs getting in somehow).
I have more down my shins too.
Most I feel come when I hang out of the washing. The grass seems to be the perfect place for these pesky biters. Or sometimes I do go outside at night forgetting that this is prime mosquito time. I shouldn’t complain about those ones though it’s a bit like going into deep water and complaining about sharks.
I feel that my tastiness may have something to do with all the extra blood I’ve got circulating in my system. I must be giving off some sweet bite me vibes.

Coming up on my next blog: Lots of laziness.

There’s a chair in there

I cannot decide whether or not I need to buy a chair for the baby’s room. Normally I would jump at the chance to buy new furniture, but the room this chair is for is pretty full already and I could just move a chair I already have in there which I was planning to do until I saw the Boxing Day sale for baby bunting.
This is the chair I would like:

It rocks, it swivels three sixty degrees and it reclines.
It also costs $250 on sale.
This is the chair I already have:

It’s from ikea. I have two of them and I’ve had them for about five years. I bought a nice new throw blanket to cover it and it would go back to the reading nook once the kid was grown up a bit.

When I sit in the glider chairs at the shops I feel like I could live in them. They are just so comfy. If they were on wheels and motorised I would never have to get up again.
But I have to ask myself whether or not I really need a new chair. Could I just make do with what I already have? Probably I could.
But would I like a new chair? Of course I would. I love buying furniture and this one is just so comfy.

I just don’t know what to do. It seems silly to spend more money when soon there will be a money pit in the house (also known as a baby).

Coming up on my next blog: I’ll probably be building a new chair.

Itinerary of a shopaholic

It’s hard to know where to start when writing about the Boxing Day sales. Probably the best place is 4am. That’s the time I got up today.
We always catch the first train into the city. That’s at 4:44am. It’s not an express but it is a limited express to Bondi Junction. We get off at Martin Place and walk the block back to DJs. We always go to David Jones first because it has better quality products, better percentages off things and it’s usually quieter.

Not today.

We were there at about 5:25am. And it was already packed. Normally we could wander around the youth/Australian fashion level and be the only people in the changerooms near Sprotscraft. Not so today. There wasn’t a queue that early to try things on but it was obvious there soon would be. We saw two television crews and two other reporters filing stories from the shopping room floor. I got my best bargain in David Jones too, 80% off.
Next we always go and have breakfast in Myer. We cut across Westfield from David Jones and headed straight for the penultimate level. We were probably there around 6:40am, and definitely shopping in Myer by 7am.

Myer is ok for sales. They are usually better later in January when everything becomes

take a further % off

That’s not to say we didn’t buy anything. There were still some very good sales to be had. Myer is also always the busier of the two stores. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe because it is less upmarket than David Jones, or perhaps more recognisable?

From there it was into Westfield, or more specifically Peter Sheppard. And also Nike Metalicus and Kikki K. I was surprised at the level of sale on there. Many things were 50% off, including many items I would have considered current season. I’m still waiting for daily planners to be put in special but my guess is that will have to wait until the new year.

We also hit the mid city centre around 10:30am for Uniqlo. I love that we have one of these now. But I am even more excited that Forever 21 will be opening soon. And finally Kinokuniya, where despite everything being 20% off I couldn’t find anything I wanted.

Such an itinerary cannot do justice to what it is really like to be in Sydney City for the sales.

I can’t effectively describe the thrill of being on city streets in the early morning when no one else is around. Or the excitement of finding the perfect item of clothing in your size at 50% off the an already marked down price. Or the frustrating crush of hundreds of people ambling down Pitt Street Mall getting in your way as you are trying follow your shopping plan.

Just everything was open today. It was madness. But in a fun, empty your pockets and wish you were wearing slippers kind of way.

Coming up on my next blog: 20/20


The next couple of days I will be offline. I have been lazy and let my ipad SIM card run out and here was no way I was going to the shops this week to get a new one. Plus I remember it being really tricky to get the sim in in the first place and don’t think I have the mental stamina to try and do that right now. There is no wifi either.
All this is fine by me. I won’t really have time for the Internet what with all the eating I will be doing.

Coming up on my next blog: Tales of the Boxing Day sales.

What’s in a name?

I am sure I have had this rant many times before, but seriously when are people going to start naming their children properly?

Tonight I heard one of the worst names ever.

Naming is a hard thing to do.
This is how a kid is going to be identified for the rest of their life. What seems cute at baby might not translate into forty year old office worker.
People judge each other by their name. Do you really want to be an accounts manager named Tiara? Could a Tiara even become an accounts manager? Or does she have candle and scent boutique store worker written all over her?

The naming dilemma becomes particularly hard when you work with a lot of kids. You see the up and coming names, the trends. You don’t want your kid to be one of five Jackson’s in the grade (though technically they could all be different depending on how creative their parents were with spelling). You want them to be unique. Though not at the expense of their dignity.
The other problem is that problem child. The one that always gets into trouble or disrupts the class. You can’t call your kid that name either.

As I have said before there needs to be some sort of government department in charge of all this. And they have to have veto power. And I think you should only get three goes. If you can’t pick a proper name for your kid with three chances then the state should get to name them.

Coming up on my next blog: It’s practically Christmas.

In five

In the past day I have finished two more books. Which means I need to read only five before December 31st. I think this may be doable. It’s just that I will need to be careful about what I choose to read.
You would think that at Christmas time I would be too busy to read but this is not true. I have to do something to pass the time until Santa comes and reading seems to be as good a time passer as any.
And there always seems to be a lot of down time around Christmas. A lot of waiting.
Though I am trying to fill my days with other things to keep my mind off the red fat man.
Today I ran some errands. Tomorrow there is lunch. I’ll be going to the 20/20 just after Christmas. And have a date with wildlife world before new year too.
And I will have to squash some reading time in there too.

Coming up on my next blog: Pictures because they are easier.