Ride of your life

This month has been very matrimony heavy.
I’ve been to one hen’s day, a bridal shower and a wedding.
The bridal shower was for my sister an was held at my house. It seemed like a good idea, it meant I didn’t have to travel anywhere, but I still haven’t put everything away after the party.

It was a pretty good event though and my sister reckons I got more attention being the awesome host of such an extravaganza than she did as the bride.
You be the judge…




I even made an impromptu photo booth with a Polaroid camera and some props. It was pretty fun.

Then just this past weekend I went to one of the best weddings I have ever attended.
It was at Scenic World which meant I got to ride done to the wedding in the sceniscender – for free!

And then the reception was in a revolving restaurant. It was just like being at a theme park.
The food was good too.

And I got my own personal shout out from the bride during the speeches.

Best wedding ever.

Coming up on my next blog: Too busy to write, not free until Christmas now.

Hands Off YA Fiction

Not literally though. Anyone who has read any of my blogs knows that YA is pretty much the only genre I read. And they know it’s because it is awesome. I reckon everyone, everywhere should be reading YA.
I like it because it’s relatable. I don’t know what that says about me as a grown up, perhaps I’m not one, but most of the time the characters and the things they are going through make sense, even when you throw in a little fantasy or dystopia.
Sometimes when I read adult novels, or attempt to, I can never fully grasp how stupid the characters are. It’s too melodramatic, even adults in novels should know better

But that is a rant for another time.

Today’s rant is actually about the whole lets turn every YA novel ever written into a film.


The Harry Potter franchise was ok I guess. And it did lead to some great merchandise. But then there was Twilight and Percy Jackson both of which I haven’t seen. And odd ones too like that Owl Guardian thing and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. And now it’s all John Green this and Gayle Forman that. If they make every one of John Green’s novels into a film I think I will have to give up reading (or maybe just puke, giving up reading may be a little drastic). Pretty much every time a YA novel gets big it gets turned into a movie (or a TV show ala Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars).

It’s not just the contemporary stuff either.
There was no film in Ender’s Game, honestly there was barely plot enough for a novel. And The Giver that’s a great book but what I have seen so far of the film makes it look like lifetime made for TV movie.

The whole thing about reading is that you get to imagine what goes on. How the characters look, what he world is like (even if it is set in a real place). You connect with these things personally, on your own in your room in your head. There is just not the same impact in a giant movie theatre surrounded by fifty sobbing teenagers (because let’s face it, all the movies they seem to be making at the moment are the gut wrenching ones, but at least we’ve moved away from vampires).

The problem is that these films can ruin the books. It took me a long time to watch The Hunger Games because I didn’t want it spoiled for me. And I refuse to watch Divergent because they picked the wrong actress.

It ruins it for kids too. There is nothing worse than the cop out phrase ‘Let’s just watch the movie’.

If they want to make money get the author to write more. Don’t make a movie out of it.

Coming up on my next blog: I am going to come up with some original(ish) movie ideas for Hollywood.