Reading, reading, reading

It seems like I am a passenger of the reading train, and it doesn’t stop for anything – not even blogs.

These are what have kept me from blogging this month

These and an inherent laziness that I can’t seem to shake.

Next month I plan on doing an exponential clutter clearing challenge and also pledge to blog every day. It seems if I don’t set myself that goal and write it down it just doesn’t get done.
Coming up on my next blog: back to the every day grind. 

Grammar Nazi

Every so often a book comes along that doesn’t fit into one of the Read Harder categories. But that doesn’t mean I won’t read it, it just means I need to keep a separate list of books that I have read this year that are not a part of the challenge.

I just had to have this book, even though it did not fit into any category. Or I could make it the book published this year, but I do have another in mind for that which is coming out in six days.

I’ve already written this year about the difficulty of the English language, and this book just reinforces that for me. It is supposed to be a fun way of teaching about grammar, and while I understand most aspects of this tricksy language of ours, I still don’t get verbs, despiteRiddle’s noble efforts.

When I read something I can just tell if it’s not right,I can’t tell you what is not right about it (unless it’s subject-verb agreement and then I can). I know something is not right because it sounds funny, the expression is off. But if you say

How can I fix it?

I don’t really have an answer for you. I can probably rephrase it for you but then we come to the whole horse and water problem.

Riddle’s book goes some way to show you what makes up our language and so if someone tells you what you have written is not right you. May at least be able to identify the part of the language that is missing or incorrect. 

There is huge debate about whether or not grammar and spelling and punctuation are even important any more. You could now send a whole message to someone using emojis and they would probably understand the meaning you were trying to make.


Even as I write this Apple is correcting my spelling and punctuation.

Technology and the digital world are changing the way we communicate. Sentences are often incomplete, words are abbreviated and punctuation takes up too much space. If you dare to correct someone on social media people say you are a nazi. That’s not really a fair comparison in my opinion.

Sure language changes and develops over time to suit mode and media, it’s just that I don’t understand the new way people are beginning to speak.

My pet peeve is the incorrect use of ‘of’. It is would have not would of. Just because ve and of kind of make the same sound doesn’t mean they are. Interchangeable.

You think I would of gotten used to it by now.
Coming up on my next blog: More books reviews of things I read in April. Maybe May will be a writing month rather than a reading one.