30. A Book from a Non-human perspective

First of all I can’t believe there is no graphic novel on the reading challenge list this year. I don’t read many but I like the opportunity to read at least one, especially as I have this series that I need to keep up with.

This could have been my blue cover book, but I don’t want to read a book from an animal’s perspective, so fantasy is a good fit for non-human characters (no one said they couldn’t be humanoid).

My favourite characters in this series are a little seal, a lie detecting cat and a prince who has a television for a head (in fact their entire race a TV headed robots, but I like the prince best).

This is one of those Romeo and  Juliet fantasy stories set to the back drop of war. Two people not supposed to be together, let alone fall in love, and well what do you know they do and have a kid to boot. 

The whole story is told from the kid’s perspective and follows the journey of her parents, and others, as they try to find her. It’s got all your classic fantasy/sci-fi alien lessons about understanding and prejudice and war and peace. And therefore it’s also got all your non-human characters and so fits this category perfectly. There is not one human, as we are human, human characters in the whole thing.


24. A book you can read in a day

I used to be really good at completing this category. When I was a librarian I could knock off about four books a week. And even though I still read YA fiction, having the kid means my time for reading (really any time to myself) has become severely limited. I thought I was going to manage to finish House of Many Ways in a day, but alas it was not so. So now the only thing it seems I can manage to complete in one sitting are magazines and comics.

I first started reading Saga back in July. I was looking for a different Brian K Vaughan comic, which is apparently only available to read online, and e dude at the comic store in Canberra suggested I might try this one instead. I’m really glad he did because I love it, and pretty much everything else Vaughan has done, except Ex Machina.

It’s a bit violent, a bit racy, but at its core it has just the most amazing story and characters.

Every time I finish a volume I wish it wasn’t a comic because I have to wait so long t read more. But if it want a comic I probably wouldn’t be reading it because it’s not really my kind of genre. It’s kind of like a gorier, sexier Romeo and Juliet. Its very dramatic (hence the title), and what really makes it is the artwork.

I love the narration style too. It’s told in past tense by one of the characters who keeps hinting at all the bad stuff that is going to happen. This is good because I know that the characters I like are probably going to get hurt, but because I’m prepared for it I won’t mind quite so much.

Getting this volume was a bit of an ordeal.

I thought I would ‘shop local’ so ordered it through my local independent bookstore. It should have arrived in a couple of weeks. Instead it took three months. When I went on holiday to Melbourne I saw it and didn’t buy it. Because I didn’t want to leave the bookstore with an unsellable book because they don’t have any of the other volumes. So when it finally comes in its hardcover and forty dollars. But I had to buy it because I couldn’t get it anywhere else.

Lesson learned.
Coming up on my next blog: Everything else I’ve forgotten to blog about.