Short changed

I found myself at the shops again today.
Just the grocery store mind you. But I had said to myself, just two days ago, that I wouldn’t be going near the shops until Boxing Day.
So much for that.

I didn’t have much to get. A couple of things for dinner (bread salad and salmon) and a few Christmas type things.

I never use the self serve checkouts in any shop I go to.
It makes me annoyed that I am doing someone else’s job. I did my stint in retail. Had to feign pleasantries at seven o’clock in the morning with super early customers. Had to spend all Christmas Eve on my feet serving the never ending queue.

So now that I have managed to extricate myself from the retail dungeon I don’t like the idea of having to serve myself. The queues are not shorter and no one is forced to make pleasantries with me. In my family, the surlier the service person the harder we try to make them respond to us, or even just smile. It’s a bit of a game.

But what bothers me the most is that I don’t get a discount if I perform the task of checking out myself. I have replaced the person they would have had to employ and pay the minimum wage. I should be getting at least a five per cent discount.

Does anyone know how I can pass this brilliant idea on to Coles and Woolworths?

Coming up on my next blog: Party time. Excellent.


Can I Help You?

Today I had a semi-fruitful shopping experience.
I went to look for this jacket.

And I found one in white in my size in the Bardot Jnr store. But they didn’t have any black ones so I couldn’t buy it.I was going to come home and buy it online but now I am not sure if I want it or not.

I enjoy shopping in stores because of the experience. I want to be able to try things on and talk to sales staff.

I also went into Myer today and found a cute little dress for fifteen dollars. But I couldn’t find anyone to sell it to me. And because I had to wander around for such a long time to find a cash register that was actually open I eventually talked myself out of it. Their loss.

This is why I get annoyed when businesses bemoan their plight because of the rise of online shopping (I’m looking at you Gerry Harvey). If someone in store had been able to help me I would have bought things there. But they weren’t. So I didn’t.

But buying online is not the same.
Maybe this is a good way to start curbing my spending habits.

Coming up on my next blog: Back to work.