Well I was right. Today was the best day of the year to go to ikea.
Here was practically nobody there. And the car park wasn’t even full when we left at eleven!
So today was a day of building and puzzling.

I didn’t buy as much as I normally would at ikea, though I did get everything on my short list.
First I got some tubs to hang off the change table, though they don’t quite fit how I would like. I also needed a cushion for a footstool and some shelves (see below).
I also built a clothes hamper I got for Christmas and a tower fan I bought back in November.




Unfortunately one of my puzzles is missing a piece. But I’m not going back to Japan to try and get it replaced. Lucky it wasn’t one of the furniture items missing something.

Coming up on my next blog: Have to decide what form this blog will take for 2015.