Competition Frenzy

It’s getting to be like when I had Candy Crush.

Last night I spent an hour entering online competitions. After the first week of my starting is whole competition thing I was actually feeling quite down because I had entered so many things but not heard back from any of them. I was thinking of throwing in the towel, that I was wasting my time getting my hopes up about these things.

And then last week I won a gift pack from whimsy milieu. So I got excited and reenergised about the whole thing and so I went on a competition entry binge.

But now it’s keeping me up at night. When I should be sleeping.
I only enter for things I actually want too. And because I don’t have Facebook that limits a lot of the things I can enter as well. Now that I think about it, I can’t be that addicted if I haven’t created a Facebook page again. So maybe I’m not so bad after all.

What I need is instant gratification. Like from a scratchie.

As I write this I feel like I am sounding more and more like a problem gambler.
Maybe I will need to stop.

Coming up on my next blog: A picture of something nice.