Take my advice – Don’t let your sister be your nurse

Even if she is trained to be one.

I have always thought that if I was really sick I wouldn’t want her looking after me. I mean, I am sure she is lovely to her patients, but I think her patience might be limited if she had to look after me.
I imagine she would relish ripping off bandaids and giving me needles.
Plus, I really wouldn’t want someone I know looking after me either. If I am embarrassingly sick I don’t want those people to ever see me again.

Over the last couple of days I have not been feeling crash hot.
The smoke and stress of the last few days have affected us all.

So I spent a few days in bed.
And everything was as ok as it could be.
Until my sister turned up, and in the space of ten minutes she managed to cover me first in water so it looked like I wet myself, and then secondly, covered my blanket in makeup.

But all that being said, she is actually a very good nurse.
And she is looking after me today with free wifi and trashy TV.


Coming up on my next blog: I’ve forgotten what day it is.