And the cupboard was bare

So I’m not really one for resolutions, mostly because I don’t have the will power to stick to them. The only promise I make to myself every year is to read as many books as I possibly can (check out this year’s reading challenge in an upcoming post).

But then I saw this article on Twitter about not buying any clothes for a year and I thought 

Maybe I can do that

For those of you that know me, you know this is going to be a challenge. I see shopping as a sport, one I’d get a gold medal in at the Olympics if the world felt the same way as me about commerce. I go every weekend, and while I don’t always buy something, I’m not stopping myself from buying anything either.

But the article made me stop and think about why I buy new things at all. It’s not like I desperately need them. My wardrobe spans to one of my kids bedrooms and takes up half the space under my bed. Even with that much stuff to choose from I still end up wearing the same few things over and over. So then I thought maybe I should just stop buying things. The same day I read the article I went to the shops again (no surprises there) but I didn’t buy anything. Not because I didn’t see anything I liked, but because I chose not to. And it was totally liberating. 

Walking through those shops knowing I wasn’t going to buy anything just made it so much more stress free. I didn’t have to worry about.whay was on sale, or try anything on only to feel not good in it. I was simply at the shops.

Now don’t think I’ve completely lost my head. It’s only clothes shopping I’ve given up. On January 1 I was in IKEA purchasing up a storm. And there is no way in the world I would.ever stop buying books. But a smaller wardrobe starts with a single step away from the shopping centre.


Closet Confession

Today I let my sister cull my hanging clothes. If she had been able to have her own way the donate pile would have been the same size as the keep pile. As it was it was about one third donate, two thirds keep, which I think is an alright ratio.

My hang in clothes still don’t all fit in one cupboard though, and we didn’t even look at my coats. 

But I do feel I have accomplished something anyway.

My sister is the best person to help me get rid of stuff I don’t need. I can tell just by looking at her face whether or not she thinks I should be keeping an item or not. She scrunched up her nose in distaste. Her mantra today was that if she could remember me wearing it during high school (a decade ago now) I wasn’t allowed to keep it. There were only two exceptions – my year 12 formal dress and a really cute Ben Sherman dress that I have had forever.

The worst part is she was right about everything she made me get rid of. I can’t even remember what we put in he donate bag so clearly they weren’t really cherished objects.

I still have twelve drawers and two cupboards worth of shoes to go through too.

The Salvo’s are going to be very happy.
Coming up on my next blog: Road trip.

Step away from the cash register

I had set this weekend aside for shopping.
And shopping was done.
A lot of it.


The weekend started at ikea, home of the smorgasbord. I think it is possibly my favourite shop of all time. There is never a visit to ikea without a purchase. It is impossible to walk out of there with nothing new in your trolley.

One of the best things about ikea is the cafeteria. Normally I would have a three dollar vegetarian or kids breakfast but yesterday I was hungry, plus I love the meatballs so it was a five dollar fifty full breakfast for me. Plus a scroll. That’s another thing you can’t go to ikea without having – a cinnamon scroll.

Luckily for my wallet I had a very specific list of things to get on my visit yesterday. A new expedit which is now called a kallax (who knows why), some picture frames (a standing order on my ikea shopping list) and so,e book ends. This didn’t stop me writing down the coordinates for a few other pieces on the market hall floor. But I was good and didn’t purchase them. Instead, my Mum and I picked up a few things for my sister’s upcoming bridal shower. In the end we had to start putting things back. Everything in ikea is just so cute.


Dinner was also smorgasbord inspired. Our favourite go to graze with a bit of Gilmore girls.


Today was a much bigger day.
Back to the city.
Again with a very specific list. Gifts for a few people, visit to the nut shop, and spend all the vouchers I have which are due to expire.
Tick, tick, half a tick. I put quite a dent in the gift cards but since David Jones no longer sell Metalicus I didn’t end up spending all that money. That didn’t stop me buying Metalicus things elsewhere though.


The best thing about the trip to the city though was an impromptu concert by Megan Washington, whom I love and for whom this blog is named. I didn’t even know she would be playing. But as I walked between David Jones and Myer I could hear her dulcet tones wafting up from pit street mall. And I knew it was fate when I found the perfect dress by Metalicus as she sang my favourite song.

Unfortunately I don’t live vicariously through my camera so there are no pictures. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Consider this my message scrawled on the concrete.

Plus I managed to read two books.

Coming up on my next blog: A huge spring clean. I’ll need the blog to help me get through the emotional minefield that is giving away some of my clothes to charity.

You are what you eat

Two things caught my eye today as I read the SMH website. A couple of article about eating habits and one about what you should do before breakfast.

The latter boiled down to being social media aware, and as most people reach for their phone or tablet before even getting out of bed, I think that is pretty well covered. Some of the advice was very contradictory though. Some said stay in bed for a little extra sleep, while another point told you to get up early when no one else is awake, and maybe use that time to exercise. Personally, I choose the sleep option. Lately I have been rising later and later. I have to get up to get the lunches ready, but if I didn’t do that I would probably stay in bed and only give myself time for getting dressed. I used to eat my breakfast at work but now I have time to do that at home. And this ties in with the whole eating habits thing.

Apparently I am supposed to eat protein for breakfast as well as dinner. I don’t think two pieces of toast with Nutella is all that protein rich. So now I think I should be eating eggs and maybe baked beans. And I have the time to do it. I just don’t want to do the washing up after.

What I also noticed though is how newspapers have become more like tabloid magazines. I know I don’t click on ‘real’ news, I go for the lifestyle and celebrity trite that really is more interesting.

Also, in case you were wondering, I look awesome today. I have decided this week to wear all the clothes I bought while I was in Japan (and no, not all at once). On Monday I wore a skirt I had bought at Forever 21, which I think has to be my favourite chain store. Then on Tuesday I wore the scarf I bought at Studio Ghibli. Yesterday it was my new favourite H&M hoodie in a rust colour. And today it was this cute skirt I got from Monki.

And I just looked adorable.

Coming up on my next blog: I haven’t really read anything this week, so it’s going to be a short one.

Weather Watch

I almost wanted to write about competitions again today. But I can already feel that it is going to take over my life. So I won’t. But the problem then is that I don’t know what to write about.

I know I have been going on and on about a list, and I will get to it, but those notes are at home and I want to be my usual witty self and I’m afraid that without those notes I won’t remember all the funny things I wanted to say. So I will get to that, but maybe not until Sunday, because it’s books tomorrow and then I am going on a shopping bus trip on Saturday which I know I will want to write about.

But all of this doesn’t help me, or you, now.

So what to say? Most people’s fall back in is situation is to talk about the weather. It’s hot and windy where I am. And it’s been fluctuating a lot, hot then cold and hot again. It makes choosing what to wear very difficult. As a result I’ve called this week ‘black top week’. I’ve been wearing black t-shirt and whatever bottoms suit the weather.

And then once the topic of weather is exhausted you mi move on to what people do or the films they have seen or some other cultural reference. But I haven’t seen any movies in ages, and I can’t talk about books until tomorrow and you already know that I blog.

I think that’s Thursday done then.

Coming up on my next blog: Something a little more coherent.