Santa says ‘Shop’

I should probably save his post until tomorrow but I am too excited to wait.

Yesterday I made my annual pilgrimage to the city for Christmas. Every year towards the end of November, or in early December my family goes to the city to look at the David Jones windows and finish our Christmas shopping. Yes, finish.

We find that in the lead up to Christmas there are almost as many good sales as there are post Christmas. Though that doesn’t stop us from getting the 4:30am train on December 26th to join the throng at the Boxing Day sales.

This year there was a completely new theme for the windows. In the few years past there has been a heavy focus on carols and classic Christmas stories. This year a new children’s book by Ursula Dubosarsky inspired the animated windows.
My favourite part was the cat.


In my house this year Christmas will be a little sadder because there will be no cat. All the branches will be able to go on the tree, as well as all the decorations. No fear of the tree being pushed or pulled over. And no little place peering out from under its cover.


In the city there is also a tree made with lego.


It is much more impressive than the one in Martin Place, which seems about as half as tall as usual.
It also lights up, though you can’t really tell that in the day time.

So we spent hours getting about all the shops, making one trip back to the car about mid morning to free up some arm space for more shopping. I got to go into the newly opened Uniqlo which was excellent and we had the best Yum Cha ever the the Sky Phoenix in Westfield. You know a Yum Cha is good when they wheel around plates of BBQ pork and duck and you don’t have to order them off a menu.

Upon completing this I have just realised I have no chocolate to fill my advent calendar! How will I know it’s Christmas if I haven’t eaten a chocolate for breakfast 24 days in a row?

Coming up on my next blog: Maybe I should blog the lead up to Christmas?


いってらっしゃい (itte irasshai – Go and come back)

It is now only one more sleep until I go on holidays.
Last night I let the cat sleep on my bed because she too is going on holiday.

And she is just so cute.

Then this morning I had to use everything that was left in the fridge and so came up with this for breakfast.

I was pretty pleased with myself really. Though now there is nothing for lunch. No matter though as I am going out for dinner (can’t create any more washing up).

The penultimate day before you go away is always a long and boring day. You have things you need to do but really you just want to leave for the holiday. So far I have done the washing, vacuuming and dish washing. I still have to clean the bathroom and do the bins. My house will probably be the cleanest it’s ever been and I won’t be here to enjoy it.

And I am not quite finished packing either.
I have laid everything out that I think I am going to need (not the pillows)

But I wonder if it is too much? My family always thinks that I overpack, but I like to have choices and I don’t know what I will feel like wearing.

I do need to save space for souvenirs though. Last night my mum sent me two links that I think are very thinly veiled hints at what I should be bringing back.
Luckily my air ticket gets me two bags of twenty-three kilos each and so I figure I can always buy another suitcase if need be.
My holiday motto (when it comes to shopping at least) is Just Buy It. Because who knows when you will go back.

Coming up on my next blog: I’ll be in the air.

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree


This is the kind of day it is today.
I went to do the groceries this morning, then I went to the plaza and finished off some present shopping.
But when I got home I got back into my pajamas and now I am just hanging out watching TV.

The title of the post references a famous Australian nursery rhyme, but also a comment one of my friends made last week.
Last Monday night I had two friends over for dinner.
I made risotto (which always tastes amazing and I should have taken a picture of it but didn’t. I make one that has come out of gourmet traveller, or it may be delicious, anyway it’s the Italian edition they do every year. But I’ve done a Mrs Croppley on it, a joke you will get if you are a member of my family or if you watch The Vicar of Dibley. I will explain in another blog).

Anyway, there are a lot of kookaburras near my house and they were singing during dinner and my friend made the comment that if you hear a kookaburra it means it is going to rain. Personally, I had always heard that black cockatoos herald wet weather. But I must be wrong. Every day for the rest of that week I have heard kookaburras. And this morning, on the wettest day we have had so far this year, I saw one just chilling on the electricity wire.

This kind of weather just makes me wish I did have an extra week of holidays.
I would like to spend it in bed.

Coming up on my next blog: Back to work 😦

The Fruits of my Labour

Today was not a good day. Or it was a good day until I started to act on my New Years resolution of getting healthy.

This morning I did the groceries and I have never bought so much fresh and whole food in my life. I bought raw cashews and almonds, sunflower seeds, carrots and capsicums. I didn’t buy anything with sugar. No chocolates, no biscuits, no fun.
But I have made a commitment and so my fridge is full of vegetables.

Then, as usual for a Sunday, I went shopping with my Mum. I bought something for my sister’s birthday, both Lily Allen CDs and my Mum bought the last of my birthday present (which isn’t until April, but she likes being prepared and it’s good to buy things in the sales). I am very excited about my present, I wish I could have it now, but I will be patient (another part of my resolution, and something much less lethal than eating healthily).

So after a late lunch and a movie I thought I better get preparing for my new healthy lifestyle.

This is what I ended with –

One is strawberry, orange and watermelon juice and the other is carrot, orange and ginger juice.

But it took a lot to get there (not that it should have) and about two hours (not that it should have).

I started by packaging up the snacks. I bought special little tubs specifically for that purpose. Then I got out all the vegetables and I was going to slice them all up into crudités (I still don’t know exactly what one of these is but I do know they are rectangular shape). But I changed my mind because I am on holidays and have time to cut things up when they need to be cut.
So instead I began making the juice.

I have had a juicer for a long time. I don’t nearly use it as much as I should. I used to work in a fruit shop so most of my recipes come from there.

About half way through this process the sky grew greyer than it already was and the storm began. My Mum is not a big fan of any type of weather and so she came over to sit it out with me.
I finished the juicing and began the cleaning up process. Whoever said cleaning will kill you was right. I sliced my finger on the juicer blade.

Then, as I am fending off dizziness and applying pressure to my band aided finger my husband calls out from up the hall for me to help him because the cat is being sick. She has been sneezing for the past couple of days and has been chasing and eating bugs, but she has been otherwise coping with the heat. It’s hard because she can’t tell me what is wrong.


She is ok now I think. This weather makes her so snuggly. And so the day hasn’t been all bad.

Coming up on my next blog: I am pretty sure I will build Helm’s Deep but I am also going to see my sister before she goes on holiday so maybe it won’t be built (this could prove a problem for the people of Rohan).