(inter)national tourist

We seem to be starting a tradition on my family where every new born kid gets taken on a trip to Canberra around the time they are six months old. In 2015 I went during July, and last year (which is only really yesterday) I went between Christmas and New Year. 

I wasn’t really going to take the new kid. It’s not like a five month old really gets a lot out of a trip to the museum. Rather is went to see two spectacular exhibitions and he just had to come along because basically wherever I go he goes. 

The whole point of the visit was to see the treasures of Versailles exhibition at the national gallery. 

I have been to Versailles and seen everything in situ, but there is something really nice about not having to travel for twenty four hours to see important and interesting historical objects.

We lined up outside the gallery before it opened and as a result were the first ones to walk through. I can also tell you that that is a lot nicer than following an umbrella around the palace which is all you can see of your guide as she holds it above her head as there are just so many people there with you.

Some of my favourite things from the exhibition were the etchings.

Seing artwork like this always make me wish I could draw. Or that I had an art studio at the back of my house that I could retreat to to paint when it took my fancy. But alas, I have neither the talent nor the studio.

Because we were staying two nights the time needed to be filled and lucky for me the British Museum’s 100 objects was still open at the national museum.

I had seen this before also, and read the book. But again, there is something about getting to see these mind boggling objects in one’s own country that is just a little bit special. 


Capital, Capital

Because i am going on a quite substantial holiday in a few months time i decided this holiday i should spend most of my time at home. But because i need to get out of my house sometimes, and because my Mum took the week off, we decided a little midweek trip was in order. And we managed to wrangle my sister and aunt to come along with us. So today was the beginning of a short sojourn in our nation’s capital.

I could not have better company really. I have laughed so much and been talked in and out of the right and wrong purchases and heard my sister snort about half a dozen times at something funny or silly that my Mum has said. It has just been so perfect so far.

I have been to Canberra a number of times. I really love going there because there is so much to do. Normally I will go to the museums and art galleries and the national library.

But this time it is all about the shopping.


And the food.
I don’t know why koko black haven’t opened an outlet in NSW, but I am more than happy to travel four hours to go one.
And whoever thought of chocolate affogato is a genius.


Tomorrow more shopping, more eating.

Coming up on my next blog: The best our nation has to offer.