Scot of the Shopping Centre

Today I went to the recently refurbished Macquarie Centre for the first, and probably last time. The time and effort taken to get there was not matched by the shopping experience on offer. I am very willing to travel for a great shopping experience. I’ve been known to drive the four hours to Canberra just to go to Koko Black (luckily there is one on Sydney now), and to Parramatta just to go to Daiso. But today I was disappointed.

In short, the centre has no identity. 

You may think it is odd that a shopping centre can lack feeling and therefore tarnish the shopping experience, but it is true. If you aren’t able to define a place you really can’t feel comfortable there. The sum of its parts doesn’t really add up to a whole. They have some really good stores and some great places to eat (note the ‘cruffin’ in the top left corner. That’s right, a croissant muffin combination people)  But it’s kind of like Paris – I loved every activity I did there, the museums especially, but I don’t actually like the place.

The centre’s first problem is it’s conical design. You get dizzy just walking around the levels, and there are so many off shoots to those levels that things are very difficult to find. I saw a Breadtop on my way in but ill be darned if I could find it on my way out.

What it did offer me was a chance at seeing a couple of my favourite stores in Australia – H and M and Forever 21. The result was this:

The offerings at H and M were great. Not only do I fit in the ladies sizes, but I also fit into their kids range, which is awesome because it costs way less. That being said, everything I bought from the adult level cost ten dollars – they definitely know how to do sales. Their baby range is also amazing. I bought my son he cutest dinosaur outfit and my Mum got him these amazing slipper/sock/bootie things.

Forever 21, however, was a bit of a disappointment. Everything was just too expensive for what it was and they didn’t have as nearly as nice things as they have in the overseas stores. No purchases there.

The Macquarie Centre is also lacking a Topshop, so I guess I will be heading to Miranda Fair next time instead.
Coming up on my next blog: Catching up on all the amazing blog ideas I had in May. 


Highest heights

There are very few times in my life when I have wished to be taller. Sometimes when I find a dress I really like and it’s too long, or when I try on jeans and have to fold them up about five times.
Now is another one of those times.
Everybody says growing a baby is difficult. That you feel sick, you can’t sleep, liquid runs through you like a waterfall. They say your body will go ground some changes. That parts of you will get bigger, notably your stomach and bust, that other things swell too, like hands and feet.
But what they don’t seem to mention is the crushing feeling you get every time you sit down.
I have come to realise that there is not a lot of space between my ribs and hips. Certainly not enough for all my organs and a baby.
It would be nice to have a little more breathing room.
And I don’t even wish to be all that much taller, just longer in the torso would do.

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