So an ikea store just opened near me. And when I say ‘near me’ what I actually mean is forty minutes away. But I don’t have to drive on any major highways and it’s closer (and nicer) than the store I usually go to and it has free parking.

I am super excited about this because ikea is pretty much my favourite store. Except maybe for Tiger but we don’t have any of those here. I ended up going to this store twice in four days, partly because it’s awesome and partly because in my excitement the first time I ended up buying the wrong thing and had to go back to exchange it for what I actually wanted.

I love ikea because you can always find something to buy. Whether it’s a five dollar breakfast or that extra set of shelves for the bedroom. I never go there without purchasing something. I also love it because it is aspiration all. When I wander through an ikea I always think

Oh, my home could look just like this.

Just think how organised I could be.

What they do in such a little space is so amazing. Imagine what I could do in my big space.

The great thing about this new ikea is that they have the stationery range. No longer will I end up coming home with furniture all the time, I can be satisfied with a notepad or post it notes.

I guess ikea offers a lifestyle that I really like. It’s kind of akin to Kikki K and that whole Scandinavian aesthetic. Things are muted and clean, everything is in its place and there is an emphasis on organisation. I guess if you live half the year in darkness it helps to know where things are without having to turn a light on.
Coming up on my next blog: I might have the courage to write about that mind boggling stuff I mentioned yesterday.


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