Itinerary of a shopaholic

It’s hard to know where to start when writing about the Boxing Day sales. Probably the best place is 4am. That’s the time I got up today.
We always catch the first train into the city. That’s at 4:44am. It’s not an express but it is a limited express to Bondi Junction. We get off at Martin Place and walk the block back to DJs. We always go to David Jones first because it has better quality products, better percentages off things and it’s usually quieter.

Not today.

We were there at about 5:25am. And it was already packed. Normally we could wander around the youth/Australian fashion level and be the only people in the changerooms near Sprotscraft. Not so today. There wasn’t a queue that early to try things on but it was obvious there soon would be. We saw two television crews and two other reporters filing stories from the shopping room floor. I got my best bargain in David Jones too, 80% off.
Next we always go and have breakfast in Myer. We cut across Westfield from David Jones and headed straight for the penultimate level. We were probably there around 6:40am, and definitely shopping in Myer by 7am.

Myer is ok for sales. They are usually better later in January when everything becomes

take a further % off

That’s not to say we didn’t buy anything. There were still some very good sales to be had. Myer is also always the busier of the two stores. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe because it is less upmarket than David Jones, or perhaps more recognisable?

From there it was into Westfield, or more specifically Peter Sheppard. And also Nike Metalicus and Kikki K. I was surprised at the level of sale on there. Many things were 50% off, including many items I would have considered current season. I’m still waiting for daily planners to be put in special but my guess is that will have to wait until the new year.

We also hit the mid city centre around 10:30am for Uniqlo. I love that we have one of these now. But I am even more excited that Forever 21 will be opening soon. And finally Kinokuniya, where despite everything being 20% off I couldn’t find anything I wanted.

Such an itinerary cannot do justice to what it is really like to be in Sydney City for the sales.

I can’t effectively describe the thrill of being on city streets in the early morning when no one else is around. Or the excitement of finding the perfect item of clothing in your size at 50% off the an already marked down price. Or the frustrating crush of hundreds of people ambling down Pitt Street Mall getting in your way as you are trying follow your shopping plan.

Just everything was open today. It was madness. But in a fun, empty your pockets and wish you were wearing slippers kind of way.

Coming up on my next blog: 20/20


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