Girl’s Gotta Do

I’ve decided that I’m already sick of the whole cooking thing.
And the sad thing is I’ve only been cooking for myself for one fifth of my life (it’s not a lot really, only five years, a fifth might seem like a whole lot more if I was like 125 years old but I’m not).
The problem really lies in my inability to adapt to change. Whenever anything upsets the regular routine of grocery shopping and meal planning I just can’t be bothered anymore.
Last week I couldn’t cook because we didn’t have any power.
This week, and for the next two weeks, I’m not cooking because I would only be cooking for one, and there’s no point in that.
And then it will be Christmas and holidays and I definitely won’t want to cook.

It’s the same with any part of life that should or have to do that you don’t really want to.
Like exercise.
Or cleaning.

I guess I just need something to inspire me to want to cook again.
Like these.


Coming up on my next blog: I’m seriously thinking about giving up on The Mortal Instruments


One thought on “Girl’s Gotta Do

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