People. They’re better than I thought

So after everything that I and my community has been through in the past ten days we were asked this morning to think about what we are grateful for.
Just to take thirty seconds to think to ourselves what had really stood out to us in the tumult and testing times we had experienced.
And it’s funny, because my first thought was people.

Normally, (and you can probably tell from many of the rants I have had, including yesterday’s) I am not always a great fan of people.
They can be bossy and demeaning and annoying and generally I feel most of them just get in the way.

I am sure I have already lamented the way that society is becoming more self centred and self involved and nobody has any manners any more. And if I haven’t I should have (even that small paragraph is filled with too many ‘I’s’ for my liking).

But sometimes people can be good. And they can do good things.
And the best thing people can do is be there willing to offer support.

So that’s what I’m grateful for.


And my cat.


Coming up on my next blog: It’s competition time!


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